Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 126
Common Element Rules

Applications, noting specifications, for permits under these rules, where required, will be made to the Board of Directors in writing, in accordance with the following guidelines and specifications. These rules are intended to be an amplification of existing documents such as the Declaration and the By-Law. In any case of difference of interpretation, the senior document will apply.

The following require letters of permission:

Garden Sheds: The Board will issue to applicants, on request, specifications of the approved garden shed. It will be of wooden construction and stained in a color to match the existing fence. No other shed than that approved by the Board will be permitted.

Air Conditioners: Air conditioners must be of a high quality and such standard as to minimize noise disturbance to neighbors. No water cooled air conditioning systems will be permitted due to the large quantity of water required and the subsequent increased water cost. Plexiglass must be used for the installation of window air conditioners when the conditioner does not fill the normally glassed area.

Storm Doors: The type and appearance are to be acceptable to the Board. The door will be a selfstoring type, dark brown in color, and a minimum of one and one half (1-1/2") inches.

Foundation Hole Drilling: A maximum of two holes may be drilled, each no more than four inches in diameter. They must be drilled by or under the supervision of a person competent in this type of work. Any leakage or maintenance problems developing as a result become the responsibility of the owner.

Building Alterations: Any alterations which will change the original arrangement or structure of the house must be approved by the Board.

  Flower Boxes: Shall be of a style and description to be approved by the Board.

Television Antenna or Clotheslines: Shall not be erected upon or in any manner attached to any part or the common element.

Fences and Gates: The Board will issue to the applicant upon request specifications for the approved fences/gates. They will be of wooden construction, of a style matching the existing fence. Stained in the color of the existing fence, and no higher than the lower portion of the existing fence. No other fence than that approved by the Board will be allowed. From the time the fence is installed, the owner or tenant will be responsible for the maintenance of his exclusive use area.
Parking Rules
1:   Visitors parking spaces are to be used by non-resident visitors only. This is effective June 1 1978.

  When the use of a visitors spot in required in excess of a 72 hour period, the owner or tenant, on behalf of the visitor, must obtain permission from the Board.

  Owners and tenants are responsible to ensure that their visitors are parked in the designated visitors parking spots. Failure to abide by the foregoing parking rule will result in the vehicle being treated as a parking violation.

  2: Trailers, boats, and other non-motorized vehicles are not permitted on Corporation property except for the express purpose of loading and unloading at which time they may be parked in a visitors parking spot. Time so permitted shall be for the loading and unloading only. Violation of this rule will be treated as any other violation.

  3: No major repairs to vehicles of any type are permitted on Corporation property. The washing of cars or other vehicles and such servicing as the changing of oil is not allowed. Owners or tenants will be liable for any damage that may occur through their failure to comply with this rule.

  4: Vehicles are not to be parked on Corporation property other than that designated as parking. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas shall be towed away at the owner or tenants risk and expense.

  5:   Derelict vehicles which create a problem for snow removal will be towed away at the owners risk and expense.

  6:   All cars must be parked within the white boundary lines which designate the exclusive use parking area.

  7:   Violations of the above rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Board either by Nepean Police ticketing or by removal from the property at the owners risk and expense.
Landscaping Rules
1:   The outside circumference of any flower, bush, or shrub is not to exceed an area which is within 36" of the house or the inside facing of the fence.

  2:   Owners or tenants are not allowed to plant flowers or any vegetation around the base of any trees, bushes, or shrubs.

  3:   Owners or tenants are responsible for the trimming of the grass at the edge of their flower beds.

4:   Perennial ivy or other perennial climbing flora are not allowed.

  5:   Edible vegetables may be grown in the exclusive use are but such vegetable may not exceed four (4) feet in height.

  6:   In the event of abandonment, poor husbandry practices, disease, or pest damage, the Board reserves the right to return the area to its original state at the expense of the owner.